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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Select your passion; fulfill your desire

Maha Ganapatim manasa smarami
Vashistha vama devadi vandita
Mahadev vasutam guruguhanutam
Marakoti prakashsansatam
Maha kavya na takadi priyam
Mushika vahana modaga priyam!!

Om Ganaganapataya Namaha!

"There isn't enough darkness in all the world to snuff out the light of one little candle." -- Robert Alden

Yes. I consider my this little blog as the Candle whose light can have far reaching effects on your life.

You may question, how? And to answer that, in this blog, I've put in some great opportunities that can ignite the fuel in your mind to start achieving success and becoming special in life. If you have a desire, I have an opportunity posted here. All you need to do is to go through this blog at its entirety and you will come up with opportunities to meet your desires.

I have given you free ebooks to set your mind on your track in the free ebooks blog. I have given you tools to Hypnotize and Meditate; tools and resources to understand and apply the Law of Attraction and other universal laws in your life in the LOA blog. Now its your turn to choose WHAT U WANNA BECOME. And here again, I'm providing you with tools and resources to understand your desire better and master it so that the desire is fulfilled and you taste success.

Here you'll have ammunitions to fire your guns if you want to be..... (click on the topics & you'll get the details in a new page).

1) A Writer -- Click on "Writer" and you will get all you need to know and to have if you 'wanna be a writer'.

2) Domain Names and Web Hosting -- You will need a domain name with hosting services if you want to go online. Here you get a bunch of companies providing domain names, free domain, with various hosting packages to accommodate your need as well as your pocket, so that you could run your online business. So Click on "Domain Names and Web Hosting".

3) Softwares and tools for Privacy/Windows Utilities -- When you go online, you'll need a lot of tools, softwares and other resources to protect privacy online as well as enhance the functioning of Windows. So click on "Softwares and tools for Privacy/Windows Utilities" to get a lot of such related products.

4) Online Business -- Now click on "Online Business" if you have decided to go online with an entrepreneurial mindset and have decided to start your own independent business with the various opportunities listed here.

5) Be an Investor -- If you dream to be the next "Warren Buffet" or "Donald Trump" and have read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki or know his famous theory of "Cash Flow Quadrant", and want to make your living out of investments through Stock Market, Forex Market, Real Estates etc., then click on "Be an Investor" and embrace the opportunities provided there.

6) Be a Network Marketing Leader -- Network Marketing or MLM is probably the most trust worthy and income-yielding form of business where you do not have to manufacture/produce or store any product, digital or consumable, and yet earn a generous commission on sales made by both you and your team. This form of business teaches you how to develop leadership skills and work with teams. To learn more and get help as well, click on "Be a Network Marketing Leader".

More to come... So stay with me.